*AUTUMN 2018 Courses

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 3252*The Holocaust in Literature and FilmTu Thu 3:55PM - 5:15PM  Richards           
 3254H*Representations and Memory of the Holocaust in FilmTu Thu 9:35AM - 10:55AM  Holub           
 1101.02*Elementary Hebrew ITWTHF 10:20AM - 11:15AM  Golan           
 1103.01*Intermediate Hebrew ITWTHF 11:30AM - 12:25 PM  Golan           
 2241* (cross-listed with JS  2242)Culture of Contemporary IsraelWed Fri 12:45PM  - 2:05PM  Tanenbaum           
 2700*Biblical and Post-Biblical Hebrew Literature in TranslationTuTh 9:35AM  - 10:55AM  Frank           
 2703* (cross-listed with JS 2703)Prophecy in the Bible and Post-Biblical LiteratureTu Th 12:45PM - 2:05PM  Frank           
 2708*Biblical and Post-Biblical Wisdom LiteratureTu Th 11:10AM - 12:30 PM  Meier           
 4101Hebrew Grammar and CompositionTuWThF 12:40PM - 1:35PM  Golan           
 4601Modern Hebrew Short Story Wed Fri 2:30PM - 3:44PM  Tanenbaum           
 5100Biblical HebrewMon Wed 3:55PM - 5:15 PM  Swartz           
 2475* (cross-listed with JS 2475)History of the HolocaustWed Fri 9:35AM - 10:55AM  Judd           
 3213H*Slavery in the Ancient World (JS credit given on an individual basis)Tu Thu  9:35AM - 10:55AM  Harrill           
 3219*Historical Jesus (JS credit given on an individual basis)Tu Thu 12:45AM - 2:05PM                  Harrill           
 3455*Jewish Life from the Renaissance to the Early EnlightenmentWed Fri 12:45PM - 2:05PM  Goldish           
**JEWISH STUDIES               
 2201*Introduction to Jewish Culture, Thought, and Practice TuThu 2:20 PM - 3:40 PM   Brenner           
 2241* (cross-listed with Yiddish 2241)Yiddish CultureMWF 12:40PM - 1:35PM  Miller           
 2242*Culture of Contemporary IsraelWed Fri 12:45PM - 2:05PM  Tanenbaum           
 2475*History of the HolocaustWed Fri 12:45PM - 2:05PM  Judd           
 2703*Prophecy in the Bible and Post-Biblical LiteratureTuTh 12:10PM - 2:45PM  Frank           
 4191Internship in Jewish StudiesTBD  Rudavsky           
 4601Israeli and Palestinian LiteratureTuTh 12:45PM - 2:05PM  Brenner           
 5120Biblical AramaicTuTh 2:20PM - 3:40PM  Meier           
POLITICAL SCIENCE               
 4327Politics in the Middle EastTuTh 11:10AM - 12:30PM  Sylvan           
 2241*Yiddish CultureMWF 12:40PM - 1:35PM  Miller           
 2367*Jewish-American Voices in U.S. LiteratureTuTh 9:35AM - 10:55AM  Algar           
 3399*Holocaust in Yiddish and Ashkenazic Literature and FilmTuTh 12:45PM - 2:05PM  Hamblet           
 7721Studies in Yiddish LiteratureTuTh 2:20PM - 3:40PM  Miller            
 *GE Credit   Times and locations subject to change           

**The Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures oversees Jewish studies courses, Jewish Studies Major

and Minor, and Jewish Oral History Minor