Additional Resources

Jewish Studies Library

Ohio State has one of the best Judaica collections in the country, and is growing constantly. Our Jewish Studies Librarian Joseph Galron was trained in Israel and served for fifteen years as a cataloguer and librarian at Tel-Aviv University. Joseph contributed to the creation of ALEPH, the automated catalogue system used in Israel.

Other Useful Resources

Holocaust Awareness Council at the Ohio State University

The Holocaust Awareness Council seeks to educate Ohio State students, staff, and faculty and the wider Columbus community about the Holocaust, genocide, and modern antisemitism. While the term "awareness" may seem a less appropriate choice than "education," as if to imply we seek to raise money or to rally people for a social cause, we do not simply seek to educate people about the historical events of the Holocaust. The council also wishes to make people aware of the role the Holocaust plays in our contemporary world.

The Academic Jewish Studies Internet Directory is the prime gateway to 464 high quality resources for the study of Judaism, including access to library catalogs and to databases like "RAMBI - Index of Articles in Jewish Studies".
The Melton Centre for Jewish Education, established in 1968, represents the Hebrew University's commitment to the advancement of Jewish education worldwide.
Founded in 1969, the Association for Jewish Studies (AJS) is a learned society and professional organization that seeks to promote, maintain, and improve teaching and research in Jewish Studies at colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher learning.