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Certificate in Jewish Oral History

The Melton Center for Jewish Studies now offers a Certficate in Jewish Oral History to non-degree students. 

Register for courses through Ohio State’s Office of Extended Education, or through Program 60 for those age 60 or older. Non-degree students who have successfully completed the required four courses will receive a Certificate in Jewish Oral History from Melton Center for Jewish Studies. 

Current list of courses 

*Certificate in Jewish oral history required courses:

English 4577.01 Folklore I: Groups and Communities (3)
English 4577.03 Folklore III: Issues and Methods (3) 
English 4559 Introduction to Narrative and Narrative Theory (3) 
English 5189-S Ohio Field School (3)

*Certificate in Jewish Oral history electives (choose one):

Hebrew/JEWSHST 3205 Art and Judaism 
Hebrew/JEWSHST/Religious Studies 3210 Kabbalah and the Jewish Mystical Tradition 
Hebrew/JEWSHST 3245 Israeli Film and Society 
Hebrew/JEWSHST 3703 Prophecy in the Hebrew Bible 
Hebrew/JEWSHST 3704 Women in the Bible and Beyond 
Hebrew 3705 Israeli Society and the Holocaust 
Hebrew/JEWSHST 3708 Wisdom Literature in the Hebrew Bible 
Hebrew 5802 The Problem of Evil in Biblical and Post-Biblical Literatures 
History 3218 Paul and His Influence on Early Christianity 
History 3219 Historical Jesus 
History 3465 American Jewish History 
History 3470 Messiahs and Messianism in Jewish History 
NELC 4601 Israeli and Palestinian Literature 
Philosophy 3111 Intro to Jewish Philosophy 
Political Science 4327 Politics in the Middle East 

*Not all classes are offered every semester. Check classes.osu.edu for current courses offered.

Courses in Jewish Oral History combine a background in modern Jewish history, which is needed to understand the significance of oral histories, and the proper techniques and legal issues involved in recording oral histories through various media. A collaboration of faculty from History, German, English, and other parts of the campus created the Jewish Oral History program. Jewish Oral History builds from proposed semester courses.