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Learn about Jewish Studies at Ohio State

Why Should You Consider Jewish Studies at Ohio State?

  • Jewish studies enriches your professional and academic pursuits..

  • Our variety of Jewish studies courses support your studies at Ohio State.

  • Our scholarships support your studies at Ohio State, and our study abroad scholarships deepen your studies.

  • Our 21 faculty members are some of the most respected scholars in their fields. They look forward to mentoring you.

  • Our undergraduate student-to-faculty ratio is 12:1, and our professors are always accessible to students.

  • We help students with placement in various internships through our community's many Jewish institutions.


Kosher Meal Plan

Students who wish to keep kosher can now opt for a kosher meal plan, organized through OSU Hillel. Meals are arranged at Hillel's Bagel Café, which is under the supervision of Buckeye Kosher of the Vaad Ho-ir of Columbus, the central kosher supervision organization of Columbus. For more information about the kosher meal plan, call or email OSU Hillel, 614-294-4797, hillel@osu.edu.

Jewish Life on Campus                             

Jewish life on campus offers a myriad of activities to choose from, including Greek life, and a variety of organizations for Jewish students, including Hillel Wexner Jewish Student Center and OSU Chabad.                                                                                                     

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Jewish Life in Columbus

photo of fireworks in Columbus
photo of fireworks in downtown Columbus courtesy Experience Columbus

Columbus, Ohio has resources rivaling those of much larger cities, and so does our Jewish community. Ten synagogues (four Reform, two Conservative, three Orthodox, one Reconstructionist), two day schools, Columbus Community Kollel, Schottenstein Chabad House, Jewish preschools, and three JCC locations are just some of the institutions serving our community of approximately 25,000 Jewish people. The Columbus Jewish community is known for its warm hospitality, members of the community regularly open their homes to students for Shabbat and holidays. Find more information about the Columbus Jewish community, and about our city.

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