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Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students can pursue an interest in Jewish studies several ways. Ohio State offers both a major and a minor in Jewish studies and Hebrewminor in Jewish Oral History, and a minor in Yiddish. A high proportion of Ohio State students graduate with either a double major or a major and minor, so Jewish studies is often combined with another interest to create a diverse program.

Students can also complete a major in any discipline and take advantage of our Jewish studies courses to fulfill General Education Requirements or electives. The range of courses include Hebrew and Yiddish language and literature at all levels; Jewish history from biblical times to the present; Jewish literature in both translation and original languages; Jewish thought and philosophy; Jewish mysticism and messianism; and other topics which you will you find in our course list. The Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures also offers an introductory course on Jewish studies to acquaint students with the field as it is taught in academia. 

1,000 year-old Hebrew Bible
1,000 year-old Hebrew bible