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The Jewish studies internship program offers students the opportunity to enrich their organizational skills and gain work experience in a variety of settings in the Columbus Jewish community. At the same time that the students earn academic credits, they contribute needed services to organizations and institutions.


The number of credits earned depends upon the number of hours worked. You can earn up to 3 credit hours per semester for up to 9 credits. You must register for JS 4191 within the allowable add/drop period to receive credit.


Students register for an internship in Jewish Studies after consultation with Thomas Beyl, Jewish studies advisor. Intern sites will be selected in consultation with relevant institutions and organizations.

Requirements: In addition to the hourly requirement at the internship site, students complete written assignments for the faculty advisor. These may include 1) a book critique and 2) a journal written during the course of the internship. In addition, the on-site supervisor evaluates the intern's performance.  For more information contact Thomas Beyl.

Internship Opportunities

-The Ohio Jewish Communities offers legislative internships for law students and public policy internships for undergraduates and graduates. ohiojc.org/ojc_internship

-Columbus Jewish Historical Society (CJHS), 1175 College Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, 43209, (614) 238-6977 history@tcjf.org

visitors at Columbus Jewish Historical Society
visitors at Columbus Jewish Historical Society