Jewish Studies at American universities are on the front lines of the major issues facing our Jewish community:

  • Jewish knowledge and identity

  • Relations between Jews and the American majority culture

  • Jewish continuity

  • Israel and Zionism

  • Ethics and morals  

  • Jewish responsibilities and responses toward a complex world

Ohio State is no different. 

Close to 1,500 students from numerous backgrounds and orientations take Jewish studies courses at Ohio State each year. Our program prepares students to carry the lessons and values they learn here throughout their lives, and to create a positive impact on their future. 

The Melton Center also sponsors students who wish to study abroad in Israel, Eastern Europe and elsewhere. We offer graduate fellowships and student awards for excellent work. We enrich the campus and community by bringing outstanding scholars and programs. 

In the past year, a number of community members have invested in these programs. We hope you will join them. Invest in our students, attend our community programs, and recommend Ohio State to excellent high school students you know.

 Support Yiddish and Ashkenazi Studies at Ohio State. Consider supporting a tenured faculty position in Yiddish and Ashkenazi studies.

Support Jewish Studies at Ohio State. To see if your company participates in matching gifts, check our Matching Gifts website.

Thank you for your support of Jewish Studies at Ohio State!

Hannah Kosstrin