Global Education

The study of Judaism, Jewish civilization, and the Jewish people would not be complete without an overseas study experience. We highly encourage students to include overseas study as part of their course plan, whether it is to Israel, Europe, or other parts of the world.

With the assistance of Ohio State's Office of International Affairs (OIA), students have many options to customize their overseas study experience, including international exchange programs, individualized study abroad programs, independent research, and programs through third-party providers to name a few. For any global education program you choose, you must complete an application to OIA.

Masa Israel - There are many programs to choose from, and Masa Israel offers financial aid in addition to what university programs offer. 

Scholarships and Financial Aid for Global Education

Melton Center scholarships:

  • Study Yiddish language or German language abroad. Preference is given to students who wish to study Yiddish.  The Melton Center for Jewish Studies offers generous scholarships for this program through the George and Emily Severinghaus Beck Scholarship Fund. Our scholarship deadline is March 8, 2024.

The Melton Center for Jewish Studies offers travel grants as well as scholarships for study abroad. 

Go to OIA's grants and scholarships page for more information.

The following universities are OIA-approved global education  programs in Israel:

If you want to study in Israel at any other universities, you can do so through independent study. Contact Jenny Kraft at OIA,