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The Pearl and Troy Feibel Lecture on Judaism and Law

Pearl and Troy Feibel were active in community activities, each serving on boards of numerous charitable and civic organizations in the Jewish and general communities. They were graduates of The Ohio State University and Troy completed law school there. Troy was a well-known and highly respected lawyer in central Ohio. He was president of Temple Israel, The Columbus Jewish Federation, and was instrumental in founding The Columbus Jewish Foundation, Temple Israel Foundation, and Temple Beth Shalom Foundation. Following Troy’s death, Pearl established the Pearl and Troy Feibel Lecture series on Judaism and Law with the assistance of then-OSU professor Marc Raphael, which melded her and Troy’s shared life-long commitment to the legal profession and their Jewish faith. Pearl Feibel died in 1992.


The lecture fund was established May 5, 1988 by Pearl and has been supported with gifts from Donald Feibel, *James Feibel,  Barbara Feibel Robins and *Robert Shamansky to The Ohio State University to honor the memory of Pearl and Troy.

*Of blessed memory

Past Lectures

1988, ​Prof. Mark V. Tushnet, Original Intent, the Establishment Clause, and Minority Religions in the Era of the Framing of the Constitution

Prof. Alan Avery-Peck, Law and Society in Early Judaism:  Legal Evolution in the System of the Rabbis
1990, Rabbi Abraham Weiss, Role of Women in Jewish Law
1992, Prof. Sanford Levinson, Who is a Jewish Lawyer?
1993, Prof. Sam Dash, “Jewish Antecedents to the Bill of Rights

1994, Prof. Robert A. Burt, The Jewish Paradigm in American Constitutional Law
1995, Prof. Judith Hauptman, Women’s Identity in Jewish Law
1996, Prof. Paul Gewirtz, The Church-State Debate and the Future of American Judaism
1997, Prof. Fred Rosner, Life, Death and Dying in Jewish Law
1998, Prof. Marc Lee Raphael, The Impact of Israeli Law on the American Jewish Community
1999, Prof. Lawrence H. Schiffman, Who is a Jew?
2000, Prof. Eugene B. Borowitz, Virtue and Law in Judaism
2001, Prof. Michael J. Broyde, Assisted Reproduction and Jewish Law: Artificial Insemination, Surrogate Motherhood and Cloning
2002, Prof. J. David Bleich, Pain Relief: Legal, Medical, and Halachic Ramifications
2003, Prof. Michael Walzer, Zionism and Judaism: The Paradox of National Liberation
2004, Dr. Norman Ornstein, Faith and Politics
2005, Prof. Paul Finkelstein, The Ten Commandments in the Courthouse
2006, Prof. Michael Bazyler, Holocaust Restitution and the Law
2007, Prof. Harry Reicher, Whose Jerusalem? Jerusalem and International Law
2008, Prof. Suzanne Last Stone, Torah and the State: Divergent Halakhic Conceptions of the State of Israel
2009, Professors Menachem Kellner and Tamar Rudavsky, When Theology Affects Law: The Case of Maimonides
2010, Professor Yoram Peri, Between the Knesset and Beit-Haknesset: The Crisis over State and Religion in Israel
2012, Rabbi Professor Haym Soloveitchik, Halakhah, Taboo, and the Origin of Jewish Money Lending
2013, Rabbi David Saperstein and Rabbi Professor Marc Saperstein, Jewish Law and Changing Times
2014, Professor Leora Batnitzky, Between Synagogue and State: Modern Conversion Controversies in the U.S., Israel and Great Britain
2014, Professor Yitzhak Melamed, Letters from the Ashes: Jewish Books Lost During World War II
2015, Professor Moshe Halbertal, Law and Emotion:  Maimonides on  Mourning
2017, Professor Christine Hayes, Divine Law: A Tale of Two Concepts (and three responses)
2018, Professors David Myers and Nomi Stolzenberg, An American Shtetl, Kiryas Yoel, New York: a Hasidic town in New York
2019, Professor James, Loeffler, Jews and Human Rights in the Twentieth Century
2020, 2021, Feibel lectures cancelled due to the pandemic
2023, Professors Ethan Katz and Steven Davidoff Solomon, Lessons from the Field: A Conversation on Antisemitism and Free speech on Campus