Melton Coalition for Creative Interaction

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Thanks to Samuel Melton's vision and generous financial support, The Melton Coalition for Creative Interaction was established in 1993. The Coalition is a partnership between the Melton Centers at The Ohio State University, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and The Jewish Theological Seminary. The Coalition sponsors a biennial conference on key issues of shared interest to Judaica scholars, scholars of Jewish education and Jewish educational practitioners. The conference venue rotates among the three institutions. Various projects—including publications and educational interventions emanate out of the conferences. 


The next Coalition Conference takes place at The Ohio State University on February 24 and 25, 2019. The focus of the conference is metaphors through Jewish time. Time is also central to the practice of Jewish education. Scholars of different fields of Jewish studies can generate a depth of reflection on ideas about time, the Jewish holidays and their development and the ways in which these affect experience and identity. Scholars of Jewish education can provide an analysis of past and current educational practice and the assumptions about Jewish time that this practice embodies.