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Thanks to Samuel Melton's vision and generous financial support, The Melton Coalition for Creative Interaction was established in 1993. The Coalition is a partnership between the Melton Centers at The Ohio State University, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and The Jewish Theological Seminary. The Coalition sponsors a biennial conference on key issues of shared interest to Judaica scholars, scholars of Jewish education and Jewish educational practitioners. The conference venue rotates among the three institutions. Various projects—including publications and educational interventions emanate out of the conferences. 

2019 Coalition Conference, The Ohio State University
February 24-26, 2019

Time and Jewish Thought in Education

Participants and Their Papers:
Hannah Kosstrin, Assistant Professor of Dance, OSU 
Bodily Memories, Kinesthetic Temporality: Functions of Jewish Time in Two Dance Films
Avinoam Rosenak, lecturer, Melton Center for Jewish Education, department of Jewish Thought, Hebrew University 
Four Philosophical Notes on the Idea of Time: Ramifications for Jewish Education
Sarah Tauber, faculty, Davidson School of Jewish Education, JTS
Hasidic Drushim on the Moadim: The Value of and Implications for Jewish Education in Pluralistic Jewish Settings
Chaya Gorsetman, Clinical Associate Professor of Education, Stern College, Yeshiva University
Teaching the Jewish Holidays in Early Childhood Education: Tensions in a Constructivist Classroom 
Joseph Reimer, Associate Professor of Education, Brandeis University
Shabbat-at-Camp: An Evolving Ritual Practice
Tanya Zion-Waldoks, gender scholar, post-doctoral visiting fellow, Princeton University
Between ‘time’s up” and “as old as time”: reflections on Jewish-Orthodox feminism in Israel today
Matt Goldish, Professor of History, Ohio State
Sage and Time: Renaissance Anachronism in Abraham Portaleone's 'Shilte Ha-Gibborim'
Lynn Kaye, Assistant Professor of Rabbinic Literature and Thought, Brandeis University
Sanctification and Nullification of Time Through Human Activity
Naomi Brenner, Associate Professor of Hebrew and Jewish Culture, Ohio State
Story Time: Serialization and Jewish Popular Fiction
Yonatan Cohen, the Bella and Israel Unterberg Professor of Jewish Education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem 
The Dimension of Time in the Jewish Educational Thought of Joseph Lukinsky
Dr. Noga Baror-Bing, Hebrew University, Kerem Teachers Seminary at David Yellin College/Hartman Institute, the Mandel Institute 
Jewish Identity in the context of time