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4571      Studies in the English Langugage
4577.01 Issues and Methods in the Study of Folk Groups and Communities

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3252    The Holocaust in Literature and Film

Reading, analysis, and discussion of representative works pertaining to the Holocaust from the perspectives of the German and Ashkenazic traditions.

1101.01 Elementary Hebrew 1

1102.01 Elementary Hebrew 2

1103.01 Intermediate Hebrew

2105 Modern Grammar, Conversation & Composition

2193 Individual Studies

2194 Group Studies

2367.01 Scripture and Script: The Bible in Contemporary Arts, Media, and Literature

4101 Review of Grammar and Composition

4102 Hebrew and the Media

4998 Undergraduate Research

4999H Honors Research

5100 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew

5193 Individual Studies (U/G)

5194 Group Studies (U/G)

5601 Introduction to Hebrew Literary and Cultural Texts (U/G)

5797 Study at a Foreign Institution

8998 Research in Hebrew (U/G)

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3353 Jewish Communities under Islamic Rule

3455 Jewish Life from the Renaissance to Early Enlightenment

4450 Readings in Jewish History

7450 Studies in Jewish History (U/G)

8450 Seminar in Jewish History (U/G)

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Jewish Studies

2194 Group Studies

2201 Introduction to Jewish Culture, Thought and Practice

2205 Art and Ancient Judaism

2209 The World of the Rabbis

2210/ 2210H The Jewish Mystical Tradition

2241 Yiddish Culture

2242/ 2242H Culture of Contemporary Israel

2245 Israeli Film and Society

2367 Jewish-American Voices in U.S. Literature

2450 Ancient and Medieval Jewish History, 300 BCE-1100 CE

2451 Medieval and Early Modern Jewish History, 700-1700 CE

2452 Modern Jewish History 1700 - Present

2453 History of Zionism and Modern Israel

2454 History of Anti-Semitism

2455 Jews in American Film

2475 History of the Holocaust

2516 Medieval Jewish Experience

2700/ 2700H Biblical and Post-Biblical Hebrew Literature in Translation

2702/ 2702H Modern Hebrew Literature in Translation

2703 Prophecy in the Bible and Post-Biblical Literature

2704 Women in the Bible and Beyond

2705 The Holocaust in Literature and Film

2708 Biblical and Post-Biblical Wisdom Literature

3110 The Jewish Experience in Latin America

3111 Introduction to Jewish Philosophy

3351 Judaism and Ethics

3371 Yiddish Literature in Translation

3450 History of Ancient Israel (to 300 BCE)

3455 Jewish Life from the Renaissance to the Early Enlightenment

3460 European Jewish History, 1789-1989

3465 American Jewish History

3470 Messiahs and Messianism in Jewish History

3505 U.S. Diplomacy in the Middle East

4191 Jewish Studies Internship

4211 Art and Architecture of the Ancient Near East

4327 Politics in the Middle East

4450 Readings in Jewish History

4475/ 4475H Research Seminar in Jewish History

4498.02 History and Culture of Israel: Study Tour

4601 Modern Hebrew Short Story

4602 Modern Hebrew Poetry

4605 Readings in the Mishnah

4613 American Jewish Experience

4783 Honors Research

4999H Thesis Research

5101 Biblical Hebrew Grammar (U/G)

5103 Grammar of Selected Ancient Near Eastern Languages (U/G)

5105 History of the Hebrew Language (U/G)

5111 Comparative Semitic Linguistics (U/G)

5130 Ugaritic (U/G)

5194 Group Studies (U/G)

5571 Canon and Communities in the Near East (U/G)

5601 Introduction to Hebrew Literary and Cultural Texts (U/G)

5602 The Bible as Literature: Selected Readings (U/G)

5603 Readings in Rabbinic Literature (U/G)

5613 The American Jewish Experience: Life and Culture (U/G)

5641 Places in Ashkenaz (U/G)

5651 Modern Yiddish Prose (U/G)

5797 Study at a Foreign Institution (U/G)

5801 Basic Bibliographic and Reference Tools in Hebraica, Judaica, and Semitics (U/G)

5802 The Problem of Evil in Biblical and Post-Biblical Literature (U/G)

5806 Studies in Biblical Law (U/G)

5870 Topics in Jewish Philosophy (U/G)

7601 Studies in Hebrew Poetry (U/G)

7602 Studies in Hebrew Prose (U/G)

7891 Teaching Hebrew at the College Level (U/G)

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PDF icon Political Science

4327 Politics in the Middle East

PDF icon Political Science Course Description.pdf

2193 Independent Studies

2194 Group Studies

3399 Holocaust in Yiddish and Ashkenazic Literature and Film

4401 Advanced Yiddish I

4402 Advanced Yiddish II

4721 Studies in Yiddish Literature

4998H Honors Research

4998 Undergraduate Research

4999 Undergraduate Research Thesis

4999H Honors Undergraduate Research Thesis

5193 Independent Studies (U/G)

5194 Group Studies

5603 Advanced Yiddish Conversation and Composition (U/G)

5611 History of the Yiddish Language (U/G)

5612 Language and Culture Geography in Ashkenaz (U/G)

5651 Modern Yiddish Prose (U/G)

5671 Yiddish for Speakers of German (U/G)

5797 Study at a Foreign Institution (U/G)

5798 Study Tour (U/G)

Yiddish Course descriptions.pdf