JALO: An Afternoon of Ethiopian Dance and Song with Dege Feder

JALO: An Afternoon of Ethiopian Dance and Song with Dege Feder, Feb.25
February 25, 2020
All Day
Barnett Theatre, Room 320, Sullivant Hall, 1813 N. High Street, Ohio State Campus

Featuring Choreographer and Dancer Dege Feder





The dance composition Jalo speaks about the private voyage of Dege Feder and the voyage of refugees all over the world – a physical journey from her homeland to a new country and an emotional journey filled with battles to integrate into a new society and culture while trying to preserve her individual identity and past. The dance incorporates the Jalo callings (similar to the spoken word of today) that are common among Ethiopian men warriors when they are preparing for battle and wish to demonstrate their might against the enemy. Dege uses the power that is emblemed in the Jalo callings to protect her place in society as a woman and as a minority. The performance is accompanied by live singing and music
Dege Feder is a choreographer, dancer, and musician and recipient of the Israeli Ministry of Culture Prize for Young Dance Creators in 2018. She is the manager and choreographer of Beta Dance Troupe.
Free and open to the public.
Co-sponsored by Ohio State's Department of Dance.