*Spring 2021 Courses


The Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures oversees Jewish studies courses, Jewish studies and Hebrew Major and Minor, and Jewish Oral History Minor.

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Classics - classics.osu.edu

5401 Methodologies for the Study of Ancient Religions (cross-listed with JS 5401 and NELC 5401) distance
 M 3:55-6:40 Swartz

DANCE - dance.osu.edu

4490/7490 Jewish and Israeli Dance Histories:  Dancing Diaspora, Social Justice, and Community distance
MW 8:30-10:00 Kosstrin

Course description: 

With a focus on dancing for social justice, this course takes a multi-ethnic approach to understanding what it means to dance the Jewish diaspora. It introduces students to dance practices in Israel/Palestine and the Jewish diaspora between the late nineteenth and early twenty-first centuries. The course covers contemporary Jewish and Israeli choreographers and practitioners through topics of Jewish and Israeli culture, ethnicity, gender and sexuality, assimilation, the body, race, and dance for social change, in folk and concert dance practices. Open to graduate students in all disciplines and degree programs; fulfills PhD HTL Choreography core course requirement in the Department of Dance. Undergraduate students welcome by permission of instructor. This course will be delivered synchronously and entirely online.

GERMAN - germanic.osu.edu  

3252.01  The Holocaust in German Literature and Film distance
MW 1:10-12:30 Reitter

 HEBREW - nelc.osu.edu

1102 Elementary Hebrew II distance
     9:10-10:05 TWRF Golan 28346
     11:30-12:25 TWRF Golan 19494

2105 Intermediate Hebrew II distance
     10:20-11:15 TWRF Golan 26180

2241 Culture of Contemporary Israel (Cross-listed as JEWSHST 2242) distance
     12:45-2:05 MW Tanenbaum 33220/33216

2700 The Hebrew Bible in Translation (Cross-listed as JEWSHST 2700) distance
     9:35-10:55 TR Frank 34167/34169

3704 Women in the Bible and Beyond (Cross-listed as JEWSHST 3704) distance
  TR 11:10-12:30 Brenner 33221/33219

HISTORY - history.osu.edu

2221 Introduction to the New Testament: History and Literature
2221E Honors embedded section 
MWF 10:20-11:15 Harrill

2450 Ancient & Medieval Jewish History, 300 BCE to 1100 CE (cross-listed as JS 2450) distance
TR  12:45-2:05 Frank 

2455 Jews in American FIlm (cross-listed with Jewish Studies 2455) hybrid
W 12:45-2:05 Goldish

2475 History of the Holocaust (cross-listed as Jewish Studies 2475) hybrid
T R 11:10-12:30 Judd

3465 American Jewish History (cross-listed as Jewish Studies 3465) hybrid
T R 2:20-3:40 Judd

3745 History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict distance
WF 9:35-10:55 Yehudai

4475 Seminar in Jewish History distance
W 12:45-3:30 Yehudai

**JEWISH STUDIES - nelc.osu.edu

2201 Introduction to Jewish Culture, Thought, and Practice distance
   MW  2:20-3:40 Tanenbaum 

2241 Introduction to Yiddish Culture (Cross-listed as Yiddish 2241) distance
  TR  9:35-10:55 Gollance 

2242 Culture of Contemporary Israel (Cross-listed as Hebrew 2241) distance
   MW  12:45-2:05 Tanenbaum 

2450 Ancient & Medieval Jewish History, 300 BCE to 1100 CE (Cross-listed as History 2450) distance
     TR 12:45-2:05Frank 

2455 Jews in American Film (Cross-listed as History 2455) hybrid
  W 12:45-2:05 Goldish 

2475 History of the Holocaust (Cross-listed as History 2475) hybrid
   TR 11:10-12:30 Judd 

2700 The Hebrew Bible in Translation (Cross-listed as Hebrew 2700) distance
  TR 9:35-10:55 Frank 

3111 Introduction to Jewish Philosophy  (cross-listed as Philosophy 3111) hybrid
T R 2:20-3:40 Shapiro

3704 Women in the Bible and Beyond (Cross-listed as Hebrew 3704) distance
  TR 11:10-12:30 Brenner 

4191 Internship in Jewish Studies (instructor approval required)

4199H Thesis Research in Jewish Studies (instructor approval required)

NELC - nelc.osu.edu

5401 Methodologies for the Study of Ancient Religions (cross-listed with JS 5401 and Classics 5401) distance
 M 3:55-6:40 Swartz

PHILOSOPHY - philosophy.osu.edu

3111 Introduction to Jewish Philosophy  (cross-listed as Jewish Studies 3111) hybrid
T R 2:20-3:40 Shapiro     

POLITICAL SCIENCE - polisci.osu.edu

4318  The Politics of International Terrorism  distance
T R 11:10 AM- 12:30 Sylvan

4327  Politics in the Middle East  distance
T R 9:35 AM-10:55 Sylvan

RELIGIOUS STUDIES - religion.osu.edu

2102.2 Comparative Sacred Texts distance
T R 12:45-2:05 Swartz, Velasco

YIDDISH - germanic.osu.edu

1102 Yiddish II  distance
Tu Th 12:45 AM-2:05 Gollance

2241 Yiddish Literature in Translation distance
T R 9:35-10:55 Gollance

*subject to change